UK Theater Chain Is Offering Redheads Free Tickets During The Heat Wave

Redhead woman sitting alone in cinema

Photo: Getty Images

This might be a movie theater program we get behind because a theater chain in the UK is offering free movie tickets to redheads during the country's heat wave that is currently happening.

Showcase Cinemas is offering free tickets to what they are calling a "vulnerable community" during hot summer days as part of the theater chain's "Sun Protecting Flicks," or "SPF," promotion.

The promotion is limited to one ticket per day for each red-haired person and even if you didn't have a movie you wanted to see in theaters right now, why would you pass up the opportunity for free AC?!

You can see the theater's social media post promoting the promotion below, but can we just make free movie tickets for everyone a thing during hot summer days? We'd be instantly down!


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