Japanese Offices Are Installing "Standing Nap Pods" To Let Workers Nap

Have you ever wished you had a designated spot at work to take a quick nap? Your wish might have slightly come true because offices in Japan are introducing "standing nap boxes" for employees to nap in.

The "nap box," which you can see below, is apparently being introduced into multiple offices in Japan to "encourage a healthier office culture" for those with long work hours and while it sounds great, it looks kind of scary.

The device resembles a water heater, but instead of heating your water, will let you sleep standing up and will actually support an occupant’s head, knees and rear so that they you won't fall over.

The plan is to install the boxes in offices so that workers can take short power naps throughout the day, but something tells us that they might need to rethink these "nap boxes" and maybe just dedicate a room to napping instead.

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