BMW Is Selling Heated Seat Subscriptions For $18 A Month

BMW Emblem and Kidney Grille

Photo: Getty Images

You might want to cherish your car's heated seats while you still can because BMW is adding microtransactions if you want to heat your seat in the winter!

The car company is now selling subscriptions for multiple car features, including heated seats, in a number of countries where you have to pay about $18 a month to actually use the feature.

Luckily the subscription model hasn't hit the US just yet, but is available in countries like the UK, Germany, New Zealand, and South Africa and it's really the first big instance of microtransactions spilling into real-life.

Essentially BMW has placed a software block on their certain car features' functionality that buyers then have to pay to remove and other features that are locked include access to your car cameras and hearing the engine in your car which seems weird!

You can learn more about the subscription service HERE!

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