This Lemon Stool From HomeGoods Keeps Selling Out Thanks To TikTok

Chalk up another item selling out at your favorite store thanks to TikTok because this lemon stool from HomeGoods is selling out at multiple locations because it went viral this past week!

The store's bright yellow lemon stool that retails for $70 has taken center stage on social media with #lemontable and while the stool doesn't appear to be available on HomeGoods' website, people are going to stores just in search of it.

You can see some TikTok users reacting to finding the lemon table in the wild below, but if HomeGoods was smart then they would make a viral sale for the stool so that we call all live our #lemontable dreams out!

If anything this gives you an excuse to stop by HomeGoods on the way home later today!

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