Taco Bell Already Ran Out Of Cheez-Its For Its New Menu Items

Were you planning on trying Taco Bell's new menu made with Cheez-Its? You might have a hard time looking/not find it at any locations at all because apparently the chain has already ran out of ingredients!

Late last month, the taco chain announced that it was testing two new menu items with a huge Cheez-It as its main ingredient, but it seems like they already ran out of ingredients before the majority of us could even see it on the menu.

According to Taco Bell representative, "it’s clear that Taco Bell and Cheez-It fans want more of this craveable collaboration! Even though we can’t guarantee that any specific test item will rollout nationwide, at Taco Bell, we never say never" which means it we could have another Mexican Pizza situation on our hands.

Fingers crossed Cheez-It and Taco Bell can make more big Cheez-Its and get the menu items to our locations ASAP!

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