This Hard Seltzer Is Brewed With Leftover Hot Dog Water

Hot dogs against a plain background

Photo: Getty Images

We're big fans of hard seltzers on the show, but this new seltzer might take the spot for "weirdest flavor ever" because it's flavored like hot dog water!

A brewing company in Texas called Martin House Brewing Company is releasing a hard seltzer later this month that is made with the leftover wter from 52 pounds of boiled hot dogs and is called Awesome Sauce: Bun Length.

The seltzer will apparently taste exactly like it sounds and it will have a 5.2-percent-ABV content so not only are you technically getting your protein for the day, but you're also getting tipsy at the same time.

As of right now the seltzer is only being offered locally in Texas, but you already know a hard seltzer company is testing the flavor in their labs to have it ready for us later this year!

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