This Bridal Party's Limo Caught On Fire On The Way To The Wedding Reception

Bride and groom figurines collapsed at ruined wedding cake

Photo: Getty Images

On the show we always are in the belief that if something happens on your wedding day that it might be a sign and these newlyweds might have to brace for their future after their limo caught on fire on the way to the wedding reception.

This couple was traveling from their wedding ceremony to the reception in Michigan over the weekend with their bridal party having a good time, but things took a turn when their Hummer limousine pulled off into the side and the driver told everyone to get out.

Apparently the engine was starting to smoke and soon after caught on fire, but luckily everyone got away from the car even though the bride left her purse, shoes, and bouquet in the limo.

Luckily their photographer was with them so they did take their pre-reception photos, but nothing kills the vibe more than standing on the side of a highway in full wedding attire.

You can see footage/photos of what happened below!

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