Turning Off Notifications Makes You Check Your Phone More

Living in a connected world increases FOMO

Photo: Getty Images

Do you have notifications turned on your phone? I you're like most people you for sure have them on silent, but a new study suggests having your notifications off or silenced actually makes you check your phone more!

A study out of Pennsylvania State University found that turning off notifications can be so “psychologically distressing” for people that it will make them look at their phone more because of FOMO.

The study surveyed over 100 people about their smartphone use and found that putting on silent notifications will result in people being “preoccupied” about what they are missing, causing them to check their phones even more compared to those who had their ringtone on to alert them about notifications.

Now this isn't to say that you need to turn your ringtone on because who knows what it is since the last time you used it, but if you're trying to really distance yourself from your phone then you might want to just leave it at home or in your car!

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