These UV Stickers Tell You When You Need To Reapply Sunscreen

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Photo: Getty Images

Do you always forget to reapply sunscreen while chilling at the beach or spending time outside all day? That's what this company hopes to help remind you with their UV stickers!

The company is called SPOTMYUV and actually makes stickers that are clinically-proven UV detectors that can tell you when to reapply your sunscreen after you put on your first layer of sunscreen.

All you really need to do is put on the sticker on a part of your body you don't mind having a small circle on and the UV sticker actually changes from clear to purple when you need to reapply your sunscreen.

The sticker can be applied anywhere on the body, and as long as you are wearing strong enough SPF you shouldn’t have to worry about getting circular tan lines! This might be the best move this summer to protect your skin and not look like a lobster at the end of your beach vacation!

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