Double-Decker Airplane Seats Could Be On The Way For Airlines

You thought getting stuck in the middle seat or next to a crying baby on the plane was bad? Get ready for a potential hellish future where you might be technically sitting "underneath" someone on a flight!

A prototype for "double-decker" airplane seats was just revealed at this year's Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany and you can see what it looks like below, but it looks like a rough time for anyone with claustrophobia or bad backs.

If approved by airlines, you would be sacrificing luggage space so that you could properly get into your seats and your tray table/seat in front of you would be a lot closer than it already is.

Those seated on the bottom row do have the ability to stretch out their legs because there aren’t seats directly in front of them; however, it might not be worth the potential of someone spilling their drink/food on your who is seated above you.

You can learn more about the prototype HERE, but fingers crossed this prototype goes back to the drawing board.

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