Google Maps Will Now Estimate Toll Charges For Your Trip

EZPass EZ Pass exit lane for toll with sign text for entrance and left turn in Virginia

Photo: Getty Images

Figuring out when to use the express lanes and take toll roads just got even easier in the DMV thanks to a new feature in Google Maps!

Google Maps just added a feature that actually estimates the amount you would have to pay in tolls if you drove through a certain route or took the toll roads to Reston or Dulles.

The feature was first announced by Google in April and takes toll passes and time of day into account when calculating how much you would pay in tolls on your trip. There’s also still a toggle to “avoid tolls” when calculating routes in case you're trying to save money.

According to Google, the feature is available for “nearly 2000” toll roads in the US, India, Japan and Indonesia for its iOS and Android apps and should be as simple as taking a toll route on your way home!

You can also see how it all works below!

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