This Is Why Grocery Stores Always Play Boring Music While You Shop

Have you ever noticed that while you're shopping for groceries at your grocery store of choice that they usually play weird and boring music? Turns out they're doing it on purpose!

According to a money and shopping expert on TikTok, grocery store music is "played intentionally to make you spend more money with you even realizing it."

Apparently slow music can get you to slow down and relax more, which in a store is the worst thing ever because you're spending more time potentially buying things you don't really need.

At the same time, a study claims that loud music leads to shoppers spending less time in a store so if you can barely hear the song that's playing over the speakers then now you know why!

It might be time to just bring your AirPods and listen to your favorite podcast instead to get in and out of the grocery store quickly!

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