You Can Get Officially Ordained This Summer Thanks To Miller High Life

Couple Looking At Minister During Wedding Ceremony

Photo: Getty Images

In search of someone to officiate your wedding later this year or in the near future? Miller High Life wants to make things easier for you because they want to ordain you as a minister!

The alcohol brand has teamed up with the Universal Life Church to create their own legal wedding officiants called "Officiants of High Life" who can actually legally perform weddings for couples.

The best part is that it's an easy process to get ordained and all you have to do is go to to receive your official officiant status in less than five minutes and you can also be sent a free "Officiants of High Life" package which includes an "Officiant of High Life" membership card and business cards.

You can learn more about the entire process HERE, but it might be worth having someone in your family get ordained because you never know when you'll need a minister on-hand!

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