Taco Bell Is Testing A Grilled Cheese Breakfast Biscuit

Taco Bell restaurant location

Photo: Getty Images

Even though you might be having a hard time trying to get to Taco Bell for Mexican Pizza this week, the fast food chain isn't done because they're already testing a new item: the Grilled Cheese Biscuit!

Taco Bell is currently testing the item in select test markets in Tennessee where you can order the biscuit that is smothered in cheddar, mozzarella, and pepper jack cheese.

The biscuit is currently available à la carte for $1.99 or with sausage in the center for $2.49 and say what you will about the biscuit not really being taco or burrito-themed, but you know this will be a great late-night snack when coming home from going out into DC or Baltimore.

You can see what the biscuit looks like below, but are you all about the Grilled Cheese Biscuit or will you stick with your breakfast crunchwrap instead?

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