OnlyYMS: Hoody Becomes An Honorary Hokie

Over the weekend we all have a TON of photos we take of our lives that we want to share on social media, but we don't want to over-post!

That's why we created our "OnlyYMS" page where you can see some of our photos from over the weekend that don't make it to social media and we saved just for you! Plus it's ALL FREE so how could you not love that?

This week check out exclusive photos of Hoody going to Blacksburg to celebrate his girlfriend’s brother graduating from Virginia Tech, chilling at a lake, and so much more!

This was the cabin we stayed at in Claytor Lake, VA which is the farthest I've ever been in the western part of Virginia!

We lucked out and got a cabin right on the lake so it was always fun to wave to people passing by!

We had good climbing trees!

Played a little bit of Stack Cup at Moira's brother's house and one of his roommates actually painted their table!

Went to a cool bar that served everything in beakers!!

They even had small "beakers" for shots and such!!

Played darts and realized I'm really bad at it!

Got to tour Tech with Moira's siblings and visited all the sights!

First time in Lane Stadium for Moira's brother Tommy's graduation!

Got a photo with the NEW graduate aka Moira's brother Tommy!

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