A Group Of Scientists Are Testing 'Mouth Accessories' For VR

Young woman using virtual reality glasses

Photo: Getty Images

Say what you will about the metaverse, but we can all agree that virtual reality (VR) can be pretty cool whether you're playing a game or experience, but things might get even more realistic thanks to a group of scientists!

Scientists from Carnegie Mellon University’s Future Interfaces Group have apparently invented "mouth haptics" for VR that allow you to feel different virtual experiences with your mouth instead of your eyes.

These include feeling the wind on your face while riding a bike, taking a sip from a water fountain and feeling the water on your lips, and being covered with spiders that you can feel running in and around your mouth.

The "mouth haptics" are programmed to do different things depending on the situation, including single impulses (taps), pulse trains (multiple taps in a row), swipes in the x, y, and z directions (moving along, down, and towards your mouth), and persistent vibration.

Just get ready for this to be a potential accessory for your VR setup in the near-future that you'll need to buy if you really want to experience VR!


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