Heinz Is Releasing A 'Dip & Crunch' Sauce Made To Dip Burgers Into

Heinz might be changing the sauce game in 2022 because the brand is officially releasing a new sauce made to dip your entire burger or sandwich into!

Starting this month Heinz is releasing its new "Dip & Crunch" sauce that will come in both a Secret Sauce and Spicy variation that comes in a "two-pack" where you first dip your food in the sauce and then dip it in a container of crushed potato crisps.

The product was tested earlier this year at select Jack in the Box restaurants on the West Coast, but will soon release in Walmart, Target, and your local grocery store for $2.49 so it might be worth trying out for at least having a bigger sauce tray to dip foods into!

You can see what the sauce looks like below and just get ready for restaurant chains to get behind the sauce!

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