Tropicana Is Releasing Cereal You Can Eat With Orange Juice

If you were given a bowl of cereal for breakfast you would normally grab some milk to pour into said cereal, but Tropicana is hoping to change the game with their new cereal that you can pour orange juice into!

In honor of National Orange Juice Day on May 4th (the other unofficial holiday besides Star Wars Day), the orange juice brand is releasing a limited-edition cereal that they actually want you to mix with orange juice instead of milk.

The cereal is called Tropicana Crunch and is described as a "honey almond cereal" with honey almond clusters that can actually withstand orange juice to not be soggy.

The cereal will only be available on for free starting on May 4th while supplies last so even if you think it's a weird combination you can still conduct your own science experiment for FREE!!

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