This Woman's Tinder Match Sent Her A Dating Application Before Their Date

Would you go on a date with someone who asked you to fill an entire application out before the first date?

That's what one woman on Tinder recently went viral on TikTok for after sharing her match's dating application he sent her before their first date.

In the video, which you can see below, you can see that the application isn't simply what's your favorite color and date of birth, but the guy actually asks a ton of in-depth questions like what her favorite Justin Bieber song was.

The comments on the video are mixed with some people saying it's a unique way to break the ice and others claiming that is what a first date is for. Also you know someone is really into you if they actually completed the application.

How would you feel if someone sent you something similar before a date? If anything, it gives you a look into the mind of your Tinder match!

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