Thor Might Be Retiring In The First Trailer For 'Thor: Love & Thunder'

We FINALLY have a trailer for Thor: Love & Thunder and my goodness was it worth the wait!

The trailer, which you can see below, features Chris Hemsworth returning for his fourth solo-outing as the God of Thunder, but we won't be alone because the Guardians of the Galaxy, Korg, Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie and even Natalie Portman's Jane Foster are making a return.

It's Portman's character that might have the most interesting story besides Thor because she's seen wielding a re-forged Mjolnir at the end of the trailer, which can only mean we're in a for a good time!

Thor: Love & Thunder will be in theaters starting on July 8th and while we don't get a glimpse at the film's villain in this trailer, just know that we're going to be in a for an EPIC story if the rumors are true!

Also check out the film's poster, which definitely needs to be added to the movie fan in your life's poster collection!

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