Eggo Is Releasing Waffles You No Longer Need To Toast

Get ready for breakfast on the go to change forever because Eggo is officially selling ready-to-eat waffles that don't require a toaster!

The waffle company is selling Liege-Style Waffles that you can eat right out of the fridge or after thawing from the freezer and if you've ever been in an airport or traveled abroad then you've most likely seen these types of waffles before.

The Liege-Style waffles are made with golden brioche dough with pieces of sugar baked in and they are available in Buttery Maple and Strawberry for now. The waffles are also individual-packed so you can toss one in your bag or lunchbox and snack on the go.

You can see what they look like below, but breakfast just got even faster y'all!

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