Stranger Things 4's New Trailer Shows Off This Season's Villain

It's almost time for Stranger Things to be back in our life and I cannot wait to be back in the '80s with Eleven and the gang!

While the show is releasing its fourth season in TWO parts this year, Volume 1 on May 27th and Volume 2 on July 1st, it already looks EPIC in its newest trailer and we even get a look at what might be the show's villain this season.

The trailer’s main focus seems to be setting up this season’s villain, which Internet theories are claiming is a fused Billy/Mind Flayer from last season, but we'll also find out what really happened to Hopper at the end of Season 3 when we originally thought he died.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think! Are you still hyped for more Stranger Things?

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