BarkBox Launched A New Line Of Toys Based On Your Dog's Zodiac Sign

Dog chooses and fetches rope toy from hoard of pet toys in cart

Photo: Getty Images

Do you know what your dog's zodiac sign is? If not, don't worry because BarkBox is here to help you out with their new collection of "dogstrology" toys!

Whether your dog is a Leo, a Cancer, or even a Gemini, you can now match your dog’s personality to its zodiac sign with BarkBox’s new collection of toys that each represent each astrology sign

The “dogstrology” collection launched on March 28 and you can add each specific toy to an order HERE, but I just love that each toy is probably perfect for your fur0bundle of joy. Here's what each zodiac sign gets as a toy:

  1. Ram (Aries)
  2. Bull (Taurus)
  3. Two-headed turtle (Gemini)
  4. Crab (Cancer)
  5. Lion (Leo)
  6. Dove (Virgo)
  7. Balance beam (Libra)
  8. Scorpion (Scorpio)
  9. Bow and arrow (Sagittarius)
  10. Sea-goat (Capricorn)
  11. Pot of water (Aquarius)
  12. Two fish (Pisces)

Also if you don't know your dog's astrological sign then you can go HERE to take BarkBox's dogstrology quiz!

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