The Best Time To Book Your Flight To Get The Best Deal

Tourist at Barcelona international airport

Photo: Getty Images

Booking flights can be a tricky game in 2022 even when using a flight tracker like Hopper or Google Flights, but there's actually a best time to book your next flight on your upcoming trip!

According to a new report by CheapAir, the best day to purchase a domestic flight on average is 76 days before you want to leave, which seems a lot sooner than usual because airlines are looking to fill up their flight.

Apparently, airfares change almost 53 times from when they become available to before the flight actually takes off and if you're looking for a specific day of the week to book your flight then try doing it on a Wednesday where flights were almost $57 less than booking on the most expensive day of the week, Sunday.

You can see more of the report's tips HERE, but do you have a go-to flight price hack? Let us know so we can share it!

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