Five Family Movies That Were A Nightmare Behind The Scenes

Everyone has their go-to classic movie they watch to relive their childhood whether it be Star Wars, Zenon, The Sandlot, or The Rugrats Movie, but what we didn't account for when we were kids is that making movies is hard and some of our childhood favorites were nightmares to make.

That's why our friends at Cracked just released a list of five childhood classics that seemed like a dream to be on-set for back in they day, but were actually pretty challenging for everyone involved in the film:

  • Babe - Rather than spend months teaching a pig how to talk, the filmmakers opted instead to use visual effects to bring their chatty swine protagonist to life. But, in real life, the animals looked like Terminators with metallic skeletons.
  • The House With a Clock in its Walls - In the film Jack Black's character gets turned into a baby – but his head remains a full-sized adult and they actually built a baby Jack animatronic with a weirdly accurate recreation of Black's head.
  • The Santa Clause - Tim Allen’s Santa bod was achieved via prosthetics that, at some stages, scared some of the kids on-set in the North Pole scenes. Apparently he was also given a fake butt that he had to wear whenever he was Santa.
  • The Sandlot - “The Beast,” the mythical baseball-devouring monster, who turns out to be just a misunderstood dog was sometimes played by two guys in a giant dog costume that looks terrifying no matter where you ran into it.
  • Jumanji - The lion that magically shows up in the kids' attic was often portrayed by a giant animatronic lion head that often scared the kid actors and crew on the set because of how realistic it looked.

You can see what the dog costume from The Sandlot looks like below and it's made out of the stuff nightmares are fueled by!

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