The Most Common Mistakes People Make On Their Resumes

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Have you ever submitted a resume for a dream job and realized that you had a spelling error or mistake and it was too late to change it? Turns out you're not alone and according to a new study almost 64% of all resumes have at least one spelling mistake!

The study was conducted by job-search engine Adzuna where they analyzed over 90,000 resumes in the US and depending on the mistake it could be the "make or break" for an employer to choose you for the position.

Based on the study, "training," "modeling," "judgment," and "inquiries" were the most misspelled words on people's resumes so make sure you double-check those words or remove them entirely.

Here were some of the other mistakes the study found people made based on formatting their resume:

  • Leaving career gaps unexplained. They’re acceptable, just make sure they’re addressed.
  • Being overly verbose. Don’t sacrifice readability and concision trying to stick to the “one-page” rule.
  • Forgetting a summary that succinctly shares background info and relevant career ambitions.
  • Leaving out contact information
  • Submitting it as anything other than a PDF

Hopefully seeing these common mistakes will help you make your resume the best it can be to score that dream job in 2022!

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