McDonald’s Is Bringing Back Szechuan Sauce For A Limited Time

Get ready to make a trip to McDonald's next week because the chain is bringing back its Szechuan Sauce for a limited time!

Starting on March 31st you can get a free packet of the iconic sauce with any Chicken McNuggets order in the US, but you have to order your food through the McDonald's app if you want to get the sauce.

The newest version of the sauce packets features five different designs, which together spell “Szechuan" so you already know collectors are going to be all over this to resell them as a complete set on the Internet like they did back in 2017 when the sauce came back thanks to Rick and Morty.

The sauce will only be around for a few days according to McDonald's so plan your lunches accordingly to include McNuggets at the end of March and beginning of April!

Also in case you haven't seen the scene(s) from Rick and Morty that reignited the Szechuan Sauce craze again, you can check them out below!

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