You Can Buy A Real-Life Invisibility Cloak From This Tech Company

Earlier this year we told you about how scientists were working on real-life invisibility cloaks inspired by the Harry Potter films and it turns out it's now reality because a tech startup is currently selling them starting at $65!

London-based startup Invisibility Shield Co. just launched their own Kickstarter where you can pre-order your own "invisibility cloak" after they created 25 prototype sheets that actually work in public.

You can see in some of the photos below that the "invisibility cloak" is really only a sheet/shield that uses a special array of lenses to redirect light around the shield, making anything behind it invisible.

The material used to create the shields is UV and temperature resistant and is ‘extremely durable,’ and they’re surprisingly affordable, with an 8x12-inch size priced at just under $65, and a 37x25-inch size going for just under $400.

To learn more about the Kickstarter you can go HERE and just in case you somehow don't know what an invisibility cloak is, then just check out the clip from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone below!

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