How The 'Wheels Vs. Doors' Debate Started Last Week

Do you think there are more doors or wheels in the world? Turns out everyone has different thoughts on the question and it's the latest viral debate taking over the Internet!

It all started last week when someone named Ryan Nixon asked his followers to vote in a Twitter poll on the subject after he asked his friends the same question and his poll ended up with over 220,00 votes even though he only had 2,000 followers.

That's when TikTok found out and now the world is divided like it was in 2008 between "Team Edward" and "Team Jacob," but in this case it's "Team Doors" or "Team Wheels."

“Wheels” technically won in Nixon’s poll, because of people arguing that there has to be more due to all the cars in the world, plus wheels on things like hospital beds, luggage, hotel trollys, skateboards and more. However, “Team Doors” people note all the doors in homes, offices, skyscrapers, hotels, etc. There is also some debate as to what constitutes a door, with some wondering if cabinets count as well.

You can check out some of my favorite reactions to the initial poll below and just get ready to base your friendships on if people like wheels or doors more!

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