Old Bay Vodka Is Releasing In Maryland Later This Month

If you're a fan of Old Bay then you might want to visit your favorite Maryland liquor and alcohol store because McCormick has teamed up with a vodka company to release Old Bay-flavored vodka this month!

The spice company teamed up with George's Beverage Company to create the perfect vodka to pair with any seafood you may eat starting this month and you can only buy the exclusive vodka in Maryland and Delaware.

This isn't the first collab between both companies as they have also released an Old Bay Bloody Mary mix, but the Old Bay Vodka will even be distilled in Fredrick, Maryland with a 35% ABV.

According to the brand the vodka "perfectly highlights the quintessential flavor of the iconic Old Bay spice blend," but you can see what bottles will look like below in case you're looking for a signature Maryland gift to give your friends!

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