AMC Is Testing A New Pricing Model With 'The Batman' This Weekend

A couple watch a big screen outside movi

Photo: AFP

Trying to see The Batman this weekend at an AMC theater? Just get ready to pay a little extra for your tickets thanks to a new pricing model being rollout out this week by the theater chain.

AMC CEO Adam Aron revealed that the chains will be implementing a new pricing model for tickets called "variable pricing" that fluctuates based on demand for the film, the time of day you’re seeing it, and if you're seeing a film during its opening weekend or not.

Essentially what this means is that if you wanted to see The Batman this weekend then tickets will be slightly more expensive than if you sere to see an older movie like Uncharted or Spider-Man: No Way Home this weekend.

Apparently this type of pricing model has been used in European theater chains for years, but AMC would become the first theater chain in the US to implement this type of pricing model for individual movie tickets.

The Batman is in theaters starting on March 4th, but this might have given you incentive to see it at another theater chain to at least save a few dollars for popcorn!

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