Netflix Is Testing A 'Fast Laugh' Feature That Shows You Comedy Clips

Do you struggle with find what to watch on Netflix every time one of your favorite shows isn't on? The streaming service wants to help you out with their new feature they are rolling out starting this week!

Starting this week Netflix is testing its "Fast Laughs" feature that was originally intended for mobile users by adding it to TV and desktop devices so that if you are scrolling you can get a short comedy clip to entertain you.

"Fast Laughs" streams short clips from the platform's comedy catalog that are usually about 30 seconds or longer and it's kind of like a TikTok version of the previews you could potentially see on Netflix.

The feature is only available to test audiences as of right now, but when it does get added you will be able to swipe through clips of shows Netflix assumes you will like and if you find something you want to watch you just hit play.

You can learn more about the feature below, but get ready for a lot of other streaming services to do the same in the near-future!

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