40% Of Pet Owners Have Tasted Their Pet’s Food

Labrador Retriever Puppy standing and eating from his dog bowl

Photo: Getty Images

If you're honest with yourself, have you tried your pet's food before they did to see if they would like it?

According to a new survey of pet owners, almost 40% of respondents admit to tasting their pet's food and 56% of people said they even tried the food at one point in their pet's life!

The survey also asked if people thought the food tasted good and 29% of people who admitted to tasting their pet's food said they even liked it! I know we're not here to judge, but to each their own on if a food is good for you then it's good for your pet.

You can read more from the survey HERE, but I think we can ALL agree the "sniff test" on your pet's food might be a better litmus test on if it's good or not instead of tasting it, especially if it's wet pet food!

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