Your Old iPhone Or iPod Could Be Worth A Small Fortune

Recycling mobile and smart phones

Photo: Getty Images

If you somehow still held onto any of your old Apple products then you might want to look for them because they might be worth a small fortune according to recent listings on eBay!

Apparently first-gen iPhones from 2007 are being listed on eBay for up to $13,000 in their original packaging and an iPod classic is listing for up to $2,900.

Who knows if this is because of "vintage culture" or because older tech is a little more simplified than getting a new iPhone, but even mac computers are selling for thousands of dollars above their normal value.

You can see some of the eBay listings HERE in case you have similar items, but it might be worth checking your childhood bedroom for old tech!

Also can we talk about those early iPod commercials where silhouettes were dancing with an iPod on a color background? Can we bring those back too?\

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