Taco Bell Is Teasing A Mystery Surprise On May 19

Taco Bell Restaurant

Photo: Getty Images

If you're obsessed with Taco Bell and get it on a weekly basis then get ready for May because Taco Bell is currently teasing a mystery surprise for anyone who is currently a Taco Bell Rewards member!

During the Super Bowl last weekend the fast food brand not only had Doja Cat in their commercial, but they also promised a surprise for anyone with a Taco Bell Rewards account on May 19th and a TON of people are speculating that it's the return of their ICONIC Mexican Pizza.

While May seems like forever from now, the image for the promotion in the app is of a person holding a mystery bag from Taco Bell with the caption "Something saucy is coming 5/19."

We all know that Taco Bell has been teasing bringing back its Mexican Pizza for a while and this would be the perfect time to do so since it can be their summer promotion just like how their nacho fries always come back for one season.

You can see the commercial below and get your Taco Bell orders ready for May to adjust for a new item!

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