Hugging A Cow Can Be Good For Your Mental Health

hug a cow

Photo: Getty Images

You've probably have found and used several different methods to help handle your stress during the pandemic, but did you know that simply hugging a cow can make all that stress go away?

California-based nonprofit The Gentle Barn and even the CDC have both supported the fact that interaction with an animal like a cow can actually increase happiness and reduce stress throughout the week.

Now if you wanted to find a cow to hug, you can actually book an hour-long therapy session through The Gentle Barn or visit your local dairy farm and ask if any cows need some extra hugs. Not only does it help your stress, but it can also help the cows feel less anxious as well.

You can see what an hour-long therapy session entails below, but this could be a great date idea if your partner loves animals!

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