Little Caesars Is Selling Bread Bouquets For Valentine's Day

Are you trying to look for something besides flowers to get your valentine this year besides flowers and candy? Little Caesars has you covered with their new bread bouquets!

The pizza brand is currently offering bouquets of Crazy Bead through February 14th at select locations in the south-Atlantic and it's something everyone will appreciate when you can each eat breadsticks for only $9.99.

The Crazy Bread bouquets include 8 sticks of Crazy Bread and a side of Crazy Sauce and are even wrapped up like a typical bouquet of flowers so you probably want to eat them as soon as you can before your big date.

The Bread Bouquets are available for online-ordering only so make sure your order yours when you can even if you want it to be a pre-Valentine's Day treat for your special someone!

Also in case you're valentine is super into Little Caesars, then you might want to hit up their merch store below to find the perfect gift for Valentine's Day!

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