This Woman Found Out She Was Being Catfished Because Of An Apple Watch

We can all agree that catfishing someone is dumb and that the worst of the worst people trick someone into thinking they're someone they're not, but this woman in Canada is going viral for how she realized she was being catfished and it's because of an Apple Watch!

TikTok user @jjustjocelyn went viral over the weekend after she shared her story of how she realized she was getting catfished by a guy on Bumble because of his Apple Watch right before they were to go on their first date.

Apparently, they had moved to texting each other off the app and her date's messages were always coming in green on her phone so she assumed he had an Android phone, but when she started looking at his photos she noticed he was rocking an Apple Watch.

She then reverse-image searched her date's photos and found that several of the photos he used on the app actually belonged to an Instagram model in New York even though they both said they lived in Ontario, Canada on the app.

Since posting the TikTok she hasn't heard back from her date and we're pretty sure it's because he saw her TikTok which you can see below!

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