Build-A-Bear Is Launching An 'After Dark' Series Of Adult Teddy Bears

Still trying to figure out what to get your partner for Valentine's Day this year? You might want to head over to your nearest Build-A-Bear because the brand is launching a new series of teddy bears designed specifically for adults!

The series is called "Build-A-Bear After Dark" and while it's obviously a fun promotion for Valentine's Day this month, you can actually "adultify" any teddy bear you buy at the store to make it appropriate for whatever your partner is into like giving them wine, roses, and a nice night robe.

You can see the brand's hype video for the promotion below and while you can probably only get these if your partner is still into teddy bears, it definitely is also a good fun gift for Valentine's Day this year!

You can also check out everything Build-A-Bear After-Dark has to offer HERE!


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