Baja Blast Is Getting An Alcoholic Version Later This Year

Get ready to sip on Baja Blast during your Taco Bell trip AND when going out later this year because Pepsi and Boston Beer Company just announced that they're releasing alcoholic Baja Blast later this year!

The flavor will be part of both brands' Hard Mtn Dew collection, which will also have original MTN Dew, Black Cherry, and Watermelon as flavors, but is essentially hard seltzer so if you've been looking for a go-to then this might be it.

All four flavors will be available as a 12-can variety pack launching in "a limited number of states" starting next month and while they won't be sold in Taco Bell locations or even the Cantina locations, if things go well then they could be introduced later in the year.

You can see what the Hard Mtn Dew collection will look like below and fingers crossed it fills the Baja Blast-shaped hole in our life that we can only fill by going to Taco Bell!

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