The Best Starting Word For Wordle According To A Linguistics Expert

What is your current streak in Wordle? If you're trying to improve your chances at figuring out the daily word-guessing game then don't worry because a linguistics expert on TikTok is here to help you out!

TikTok user @linguisticdiscovery recently posted a video about the starting words you should use on Wordle so that you can impress everyone on social media with your tiny green boxes and it seems like "irate" is the best word to use.

Apparently "irate" contains E, A, T, and R which are the most common vowel and consonant letters in English so you can figure out if they are or aren't in the word in your first try.

You can see his explanation below, but if "irate" doesn't work you could also try "adieu, tears, and stare" to get a better score!

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