These Are The Most Popular Hot Sauces in America

Hot sauce on a table

Photo: Getty Images

National Hot Sauce Day is on January 22 and to celebrate the unofficial holiday Instacart just revealed the most popular hot sauces in the country!

While you might have your go-to that you need to have with every meal, it doesn't necessarily mean everyone else uses the same hot sauce. Also some people's palettes are just more tuned to spicier sauces.

According to the data, the most popular hot sauce in the U.S. is Hoy Fung Sriracha, which was most popular in 31 states including Virginia AND Maryland, but right after that was Frank's Red Hot with 14 states claiming it was their favorite.

Here are the top ten according to the survey and hopefully this gives you the chance to try a new sauce the next time you need a restock:

  1. Huy Fong Sriracha
  2. Frank's RedHot
  3. Cholula
  4. Burman's
  5. Tapatio
  6. Tabasco
  7. Texas Pete
  8. Heinz
  9. Louisiana
  10. Valentina

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