A Man In London Gets Paid $27 An Hour To Be A 'Professional Queuer'

People waiting in line to enter in a store - Social distancing concept

Photo: Getty Images

Waiting in line for something flat-out is the worst! We can all agree that we'd rather instantly find something and but it over waiting in line to check out and a man in London is capitalizing on this by getting paid to be a "professional queuer!"

A man in London, England claims he is making $27 an hour (up to $217 a day) just by standing in line for people who don't want to wait and he's been doing it for three years.

Most of the time he stands in line is for tickets to concerts, sporting events, or even video game-related items and summer is usually his busiest time of the year because of so many events happening.

There's no word on if this will become a service or app, but if it did you better believe a TON of people would use it so they don't have to camp out for a PS5!!

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