This New Smart Bulb Can Track Your Heart Rate Even With The Lights Off

Controlling light bulb with mobile device

Photo: Getty Images

Have you watched a scary movie and need to turn on the lights right away because you got too scared about an inanimate object in the corner of your room? Now there's a smart bulb that will do that for you!

Sengled just announced its new Smart Health Monitoring bulb that will actually adjust lighting based on your heart rate because it can detect it while you are in a specific room.

The new smart bulb is part of the company's CES 2022 lineup and has built-in health monitoring thanks to radar technology. It’s designed to track your sleep and certain biometric measurements, such as heart rate and body temperature, but think of the potential for adjusting the lights based on how scared you are.

The product is still under development, so details such as pricing are scarce, but the company said it’s due to launch in the fourth quarter of 2022 and we're one step closer to living in the future!!

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