Lay's Is Releasing Its Own Vodka

Crispy Fried Greasy Potato Chips fall out or are spilled out of the package, on a white background or table. The concept of unhealthy diet and lifestyle, accumulation of excess weight.

Photo: Getty Images

Get ready to add one more alcohol bottle to your collection because Lay's is releasing its own line of vodka starting this week!

The chip company is partnering with Portland-based distiller Eastside Distilling to make its own version of potato vodka that is distilled from the potatoes they use for their chips.

The Lay's vodka is an 80-proof vodka with a "crisp, clean finish" and are currently on sale now for $40 per bottle.

As of right now it looks like there will only be a batch of 1,300 bottles for sale so if you want to score the perfect vodka to eat with your potato chips then you might want to go HERE to order a bottle.

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