These Are The Most Common Holiday Hazards You'll Experience This Year

Santa Claus's Disaster

Photo: Getty Images

Christmas and the holidays are usually the best time of the year because we're reuniting with friends and family, but every so often you might accidentally injure yourself and it turns out you're not alone!

A new survey from ValuePenguin looked at some of the most common holiday hazards for people near the end of December and beginning of January and almost 10% of people were injured because they were putting up their Christmas tree.

Oddly enough, 18% of people of participated in the survey said they put their holiday decorations up while they were drunk so that might contribute to that, but your lights are just a hazard if you leave them on all day.

You can ready more from the survey HERE and maybe unplug your lights when you go to bed because while it might spread holiday cheer, it can also spread fires!!

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