The TV Houses Most People Would Like To Live In

End of the year surveys and studies are some of the most interesting things to read because research teams try to use all of their budget so they don't lose it for next year and this survey might take the top spot for 2021: what is the best TV set house to live in??

A new survey found that the house in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is the one most people would love to live in and we can all agree that it's because of the ICONIC theme song!

Oddly enough, Fresh Prince tied for having the best décor of any TV home with The Big Bang Theory, which came in second overall. You can see what TV shows have ICONIC TV homes below:

  1. The Big Bang Theory
  2. The Brady Bunch
  3. Sex and the City
  4. Seinfeld
  5. Friends
  6. Bridgerton
  7. Golden Girls
  8. Full House
  9. New Girl

Also enjoy the Fresh Prince theme song below!

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