These Are The Most Popular Holiday Movies Set In Each State

Couple Watching A Movie On Christmas Eve In Bed

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Everyone has to their go-to holiday film that they HAVE to watch every year, but did you know that practically every state in the US has had a holiday film set in the state?

That's what Fandango and Vudu wanted to let us all know by highlighting the most popular holiday movies in each state. Oddly enough, this list, which you can see HERE or below, isn't what is every state's favorite holiday movie, but what is the best holiday movie that TAKES PLACE in every state.

Unfortunately for the DMV we didn't get any holiday classics which just means Hollywood needs to film more Christmas movies around the DMV! Here are the most popular holiday movies that take place in and around the DMV:

  • Delaware - USS Christmas (2020)
  • Maryland - Home for the Holidays (1995)
  • Pennsylvania - Trading Places (1983)
  • Virginia - A Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas (2019)
  • West Virginia - Feast of the Seven Fishes (2018)

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