This Company Asked Employees To Donate $20 For The CEO's Christmas Gift

Celebrating Christmas in Call Center Office.

Photo: Getty Images

The holidays are usually some of the most interesting times at your workplace because everybody just wants to get to the holiday party, but one company's HR department might have dampened the mood by asking ALL of its employees to pitch in $20 towards a gift for the CEO!

One of the employees of the unnamed company posted on Reddit about the weird "policy" the HR department was asking everyone to follow and most Reddit users in the thread rallied behind the employee with encouraging comments. 

Apparently the HR department asked all of the employees to pitch in for gifts for both the CEO AND the CTO and I don't know about you, but I'd rather spend that money on someone I actually like to be around and not be paid to work for.

You can see one of the emails the HR department sent below or by going HERE, but what weird thing did your job make you pay for? Can it top this??

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