Tesla Released A $50 'Cyberwhistle' And It Already Sold Out

Tesla Service Center. Tesla designs and manufactures the Model S electric sedan IV

Photo: Getty Images

The holidays is usually where brands come up with some of their weirdest products yet as they try to get as much profit at the end of the year as possible, but Tesla's new "Cyberwhistle" might take the cake in luxury collectibles!

The collectible whistle, which you can see below, looks like Tesla's Cybertruck and sold for $50 online earlier this week, but it's already completely sold out!

According to Tesla's website, the whistle is "a premium collectible made from medical-grade stainless steel with a polished finish and includes an integrated attachment feature for added versatility," which might make it the most intense whistle you would ever own.

Oddly enough, while the "Cyberwhistle" look like Tesla's Cybertruck it actually is releasing BEFORE the truck does in 2022 so at least if you bought one you could say you technically have a Cybertruck!

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